FA Equipment 【System integration】 Introduction

System integration

 The first business of OHASHI ENGINEERING System Engineering division was to develop ACF assembly equipment for FPD (Flat Panel Display).
To develop them, we need various technologies as well as knowledge of the devices and processes. For example, robotics, heat bonding, die and mold, dispense, data processing, image recognition, and man machine interface.
 So we have rich experience and knowledge for mechanics, electricity, and software.
 Equipments for FPD production are also required high cleanliness, accuracy, and productivity.
In addition to FPD, our assembly equipments are also used for smartphone and feature phone.
Now, we offer an FA equipment (System integration) as our new concept, which is a fruit of our technologies and suitable for your needs.
We offer a pertial or total automating solution for automation difficulties.
The examples are as follows : soldering, FPC folding, sealing, screw tightening, mounting of special-shaped parts, assembly of car parts and mobile phone, and assembly of medical equipment parts and camera parts which are required high cleanliness.

 You can take advantage of our existing after-sales service. We built the 24-hours supporting system with an engineering corporation because we provided fully automatic equipments to the world. We offer you a quick and proper support with local staffs.