Message from President

OHASHI ENGINEERING CO., LTD. was founded in Tokyo more than half a century ago.
We are a quite unique maker to continue our basic business of precision sheet metal, and to develop, manufacture and sell the micro electronics equipment for ACF connection process multiply.
We developed high quality and better productive equipments based on our experience and knowledge of sheet metal business.
We always sought diversification of business and independence of management.
In sheet metal working, we not only manufacture by contract but can also offer OEM and ODM products.
Our products were adopted to various customers around the world in the equipment market of ACF connection process due to rapid growth of FPD industry.
Our tabletop COG bonder was an break-through product in the market, which was awarded by Nikkei Good Product of the Year of 1999.
We believe that COG process was only available for big factories, but our tabletop COG bonder gave a chance to small-sized workshops to get into the COG process.
And we successed in a development of the first "Fully automatic FOB line" 2006 in the world. By this development, we have had full line-up of ACF bonders including manual tabletop and semi-automatic bonder.
We launched touch panel laminator for the smartphone and tablet market in 2007.
We developed first LED Flip Chip "One-shot" Bonder for the future lighting in 2012, and contribute to a production of ecological devices.
imageWe started to develop "System integration (FA equipment)" to take advantage of the knowledge and experience in 2013.
We have been developing the equipment related with the camera module for smart phone or mobile phone and the medical X-ray detector, and contributed greatly to customer’s production

Our business mission is "We become a leading company of the FPD and micro device market to develop and deliver the cutting edge products to work togethe with customers and partners". We offer the best products to meet the market demand continuously.
We wish you to give us the guidance and support.  

Chairman Masayoshi Ohashi

Company Mission

◆ We work together with customer to develop better products.
◆ We empower personal and group creativity and respond to market demand.
◆ We study science technology and offer attractive products continuously.
◆ We all staffs participate in business management for company growth and
  QOL improvement of company members.

Company Overview

Chairman Masayoshi Ohashi  
Address 3-1-10, Omori-minami, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0013, Japan
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-3-3744-5351   FAX: +81-3-3744-5749     
Founded August, 1959  
Number of Employees 90 (April, 2021)
Business System Engineering Division
 ・ACF Bonder
 ・Optical Resin Laminator
 ・System integrator (FA Equipment)

Metal Business Division
 ・Precision sheet metal working (Design・Development/
  Contract Manufacturing/Assembly/Arrangement)
 ・Arcade Game, OEM
 ・Sugaku Art
 ・Metal Crystal TOKYO SKYTREE 1/1000

Company History

1959 Founded "OHASHI ENGINEERING CO., LTD." with sheet metal working business
1979 Developed original equipment by improvement of sheet metal working business
1981 New facilities of Headquaters completed
1984 Second facilities (current Tokyo facilities) completed by business growth
Developed a prototype of Heat Bonder
Started system engineering business
1992 Saitama Factory for OA, FA, and Amusement machine completed
1993 Launched heat bonder (hiflex welder) in the market
1994 Started ODA of OA, Amusement machine, and Environmental machine
1996 Heat bonder business grown in LCD
1997 Exported LCD module bonder in the world market
1999 Tabletop COG bonder "Simple COG" was awarded by Nikkei Good Product of the Year of 1999
2001 Approved ISO 9001 (System Engineering Division) & ISO 9002(Metal Business Division)
2003 Updated ISO 9001 to ISO 9000 (2000 ver.)
2004 Developed fully automatic FOG line and launched it in the market
2005 Approved ISO 14001 (2004 ver.)
2006 Launched first fully automatic FOB line in the world
2007 Released Optical resin laminator in the market
Approved ISO 27001 (2006 ver.) (System Engineering Division)
2008 Exported fully automatic FOB line in the world
2010 Launched a development of LED Flip Chip Bonder
Launched "Sugaku Art" in the market
2012 Developed LED Flip Chip Bonder "LMS Series"
Launched fully automatic ACF bonder for camera module.
2013 Developed System integrator "Si series"

Launched fully automatic COF bonder.

2020 Saitama 2nd Factory completed